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This is the Most Deplorable Organization in America one of Sanger's first birth control clinics opened in Harlem in 1929. She was d...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Shameful 56…and growing.

By Suzie Marcy
On January 20, 2017, the 45th President of the United States will stand before ALL people of the United States and take the Oath of Office. It is supposed to be a peaceful transfer of power, a time for ALL citizens to set aside party politics and celebrate once again that even though the election process can be (and WAS) divisive and polarizing, we successfully completed the process.
Sadly, that will not be the case on this January 20, 2017, instead we will have 56 (and counting) Congressional Democrats who will not be attending the Inauguration. They obviously do not believe in Democracy, at least that is the ONLY take away from this that any foreign leader or our young people will have.
President Elect Donald Trump is not even in office and he is being denigrated by them. I was raised to believe that even if you didn’t vote for the President you at least gave them a chance to prove themselves before ripping them apart.

To ALL Congressional Democrats..my heart is sad, angry & repulsed that YOU have chosen to disregard the NON PARTISAN Peaceful Transfer of Power and instead choose to make it POLITICAL.
This is supposed to show the Whole World how Democracy truly works. When YOU & I set aside political affiliation and recognize that we have a UNIQUE opportunity to transfer power from one President to another...PEACEFULLY. 

YOUR actions are a DISHONOR to the Oath of Office that you took.
I'm praying for ALL 56 of you. 

Shame on you and the example that you are exhibiting to our youth. SHAMEFUL absolutely SHAMEFUL!

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